Reiki — The main miracle of the 20th century

Sometimes such miracles are happening in our life and they make us to stand motionless in admiration. In such moments our soul rushes up, thanking   God for a real miracle.

Do you know that each of you can learn this – how to create the  miracles in your life?

In order to do this, you‘l have to become the owner of the source of the miracles, to obtain sort of ‘’a magic wand’’. One of the magic wands in our world is the Energy of Reiki.

Now you will learn what it is in a real life and how to use it daily.

What does «Reiki» mean?

Reiki is a Japanese word and it translates as «Rei» — «divine», «ki» — «energy.»

In fact, it is a Divine Energy, through which we all can create a variety of the miracles in our life.

One knows that around the globe there is a layer of atmosphere, the air  we breathe with. The Earth has a magnetic field around itself , the compasses operate and show us the right direction thanking this magnetic field. In the space around us there are also the radio waves of different frequencies. All this is invisible to the unaided eye, but it does exist whether we are able to feel and see these or not to.

So, the invisible and Divine Energy of Reiki exists everywhere around us exactly the same way. You can connect to it and start using it for many of your purposes. Thousands of people around the planet already know how to use the Energy of Reiki in thier daily routine.

Let’s imagine that you bought a new TV-set  in the store and brought it at your place. If you turn it on immediately, what will it show? Well, nothing yet, just sizzling «white snow», some noise in addition, maybe. You will be able to watch the programs after you only configure all the channels.

So, the energy of Reiki works for us, people, in the same. In order that one could open this Energy channel, one needs a special man- the Master of Reiki. A tuner. It will be him who can help you to connect to the Energy of Reiki and tell you how to use it in the right way for you.

What do you need this energy for? What to do with it?

Around our word the Energy of Reiki is used by people for their own achievements and for a better and proper life, for any activities, for business, family affairs and for their private spiritual development.


The Reiki can improve your health condition, moreover, the Energy of Reiki  helps us to cure from any disease.

If we are not well enough and something went wrong with our wellbeing and hurts us somewhere, inside our body,  we are not able to enjoy our life at all.

How does this work in your personal case, you might wonder?

The answer is: it works very simple.

The First Step: first of all you will need to get an access to the Healing Energy of Reiki and to go through so called  ‘’Initiation’’, in other words, you will need to connect to the power channel of Reiki.

As The Second your Step it would be better if you could work out the psychosomatic cause of your disease to understand why you got ill.

You can find all the answers  in the specialized literature. I also will be willing to help you with this special books and provide with some of them, which you will read. Through reading you will understand everything by your own..

The Third your Step: now you are ready to begin healing yourself with the help of the Reiki Energy.

What is the best position while you’re using the Reiki?

You will need to lie down, relax and ask for the Energy to come into your body and cure you. With this simple treatment, you will turn the flow of Energy on and that begins to enter your head first and flow through both hands. To control this flow you need to put your palms on the places of your body where you really need the healing.

Reiki enters the sick body and begins to treat you first at the level of your biofield, then on the physical level only.

The sensations in the palms from the Energy can be different: some people might feel warmth, cold, vibration or even tingling. Some people feel nothing, while the energy is flowing through their body.

When you wish to end a session, it is just quite enough to thank Reiki for help and the flow of the Energy stops.

In the case when the disease is not really bad, sometimes it is enough to get one session. If the disease was forming over the years and had done a lot of harm for your physical body, then it will be needed more the Devine Energy and therefore more healing sessions to treat you.

Reiki helps to remove the various pains from our bodies without any chemistry, without pills. You just need  to put your hands on a sore spot and ask the Energy to flow there.

The main thing is to trust the Healer and show your absolute faith in the healing process.

Any tension and stresses are relieved inside your body with the help of Reiki during the sessions. Then arrives a condition of relaxation and a fine balance on the level of your mental and physical bodies.

While our body is in the condition of a stress for a long or a short time being, all internal organs work in a stressful regime: in an irregular and in inferior. The cells of that body close, they seem to be asleep and even begin to die. You probably heard that during the stress many cells of the brain are dying. Unfortunately, not just the cells of the brain. The skin cells also stop functioning in a normal way and our face begins to age.

What’s going on when we begin using the Reiki?

When it enters the body, all the cells activate again, the rejuvenation processes come to life. The skin kicks off to regenerate itself, then all the organs wake up and running start working in an optimal regime. The body takes off for self-healing and generating the new healthy cells and therefore we look younger again.

So, without many hours of training in gyms, without exhausting diets, or many painful cosmetic procedures, without the chemicals we are able to obtain the best result we could dream about!

You just need to spend 20-30 minutes every day, lying on the couch and using the Reiki. And after the each session your body will be cured and rejuvenated.

Do you wish helping the other people ?

If you see somebody who looks and feels seriously ill, you feel sorry for him/her and you do not know how to help.

With the Reiki you will have an opportunity in assisting the other people around you.

From just a Sympathizer you will turn into a Healer who can really aid, support and cure illnesses and very bad diseases.


When someone complains that he does not have enough strength, it means that he/she is in a lack of energy.

Having the access to the unlimited source of the Energy of Reiki, you will recover faster. Now for you the channel of the Energy flows as a narrow one. When you achieve the Initiation the channel will become wider and the Flow of the Energy from the Universe will increase.

Do not wait for a vacation, but do it yourself every day.

The Reiki will help you to recover mentally faster when a boss yells at you or someone just enrages you.

For business: who is strong — who has an internal core, charisma, strength, he can influence others, make a career, to conclude the profitable contracts, work not on the verge of profitability, but get real profits.

It is necessary not only to be able to persuade, and sometimes to press, to press inward strength. The Reiki provides this additional internal potential.

From two equal offers you will choose the one in whom you will feel the strength. Become the one who has this power.

In autumn there is a shortage of strength. In  winter and spring, many of people suffer from vitamin deficiency.

The Reiki will give you an extra source of energy and you will feel that during the whole day.

How to prolong your life?

How often do you regret that you not always have enough time? Due to  recharging both your mind and body with the Reiki your active day will increase at least for 2 hours. In a month it is more than 60 hours, so, as you see, you will get about three days a month to be/feel more active.

You will get up in the mornings in a better spirit for a day.

You will get a better quality of your sleep during the same time.

You will become more confident in yourself and this will bring you in  boosting  your career.

It will also be harder for you to get out of yourself and emotionally deflate because you will become more tranquil and relaxed.


Reiki especially helps during the rainy autumn evenings. Many of us feel sad or lonely in the dark autumn time.  It will not replace a loved one if we have none but it will warm and help us to cope with the rainy days.

For instance: Larissa wants a new relationship. But she constantly feels squeezed like a lemon. Who will like her? If you smile through ‘’I do not want to,» then it’s immediately obvious to everybody. No one can deceive this. Having been able to recover with the Reiki, you will be full of energy. A natural smile will be on your face.

Have used the Reiki in your routine, after you had come from work, you will have the strength to communicate and play with your children.

Sometimes the cause of many conflicts in the family is a physical or mental  fatigue. With the Reiki you will become calmer and the relationship within your family will improve.

Passing through the energy of Reiki, you will be able to lift not only your own life, but all your family. It’s like a stream of clean water that flows out of you into the riverbed of the tribal river. With each session it will make all your family finer.

So, you can improve the health condition of your parents, children, friends by providing them the Reiki sessions and help them to save a lot of money for the medications and hospitals.

Spiritual development

Connecting to the Reiki channel is a huge plus for the development of your mind and spirit.

Being connected to the Reiki will increase your own vibrations around.

General information

The Reiki is the Energy which is available on the plane and at the very bottom of the ocean.

A Practice of the Reiki allows you to go from the category  «I know» in the category  «I can.»

Let’s say for instance,  you had meditated and you visualized something.

Is the result fast? Well, it depends. But when you use the Energy of Reiki, it is felt straight away.

This is like a currency, which is always with you — you can pay for the service by holding the Reiki session or providing the Initiation to somebody.

Before you get Initiated and being connected to the Reiki channel, you need to undergo a preliminary training. It’s like a manual instruction to use the «device» properly.

To get the training on the first step of the Reiki is absolutely free of charge. To take a look and understand how this works you are welcome    here:

Обучение Рейки I

Then, when you are ready to make your first step and  get the Initiation of the Reiki, you are very welcome to contact the Reiki Master Alex Toman via e-mail:


I shall teach you personally how to use this Divine Energy and I shall assist  to come through all the steps you might need in connecting to the Reiki channel.

So, it’s time to act: go study!


Learning for the 2 level of Reiki